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Petite Paintings

Over the Hill and Thru the Vines

The vista thru wine country in the Okanagan Valley, with the rolling vineyards across the hills looking towards the mountain.

 Oil and Oil bar on birch panel. 10 x 10  $400 CDN

Maui Sky's. Summertime Fly's

Inspired by travels to Hawaii where summer never ends and the sunsets over the ocean set the sky on fire every night. These pieces are casually romantic as the colours cascade across the water and the catamarans sway with the waves. Oil on birch panel 10" x 10"  $400CDN

Time Fly's Under Maui Sky's

As the sunsets over the Maui ocean, the sky ls lit up with fiery colours.  

Oil on birch panel 10 x 10  $400CDN

Lambs Ears in the Vineyard

Only in organic vineyards do plants thrive amongst the grape-growing vines. The smell of the sage growing on the hills surrounding and the refreshing breeze blowing off the lake. Oil and Oil bar on birch panel. 10 x 10  $400 CDN

Maui Sunsets Summertime Fly's

Catamaran's catch the sunset with the pastel and vivid hues cascade reflections across the ocean. 

Oil on birch panel 10 x 10  $400 CDN

square foot petite paintings

Steam Tressel 2.JPG

Summerland Steam Train

Summer at the research gardens overlooking the historic Kettle Valley Steam train that is still in operation across the valley. Its a great time to enjoy the garden in bloom and the surrounding pine trees swaying in the breeze

12" x 12" Oil and Oil Stick on birch panel 


Stormy Skies on the

Summer storm rolling over the Okanagan Lake on the Kettle Valley walking trail. The sage brush blowing in the wind

12" x 12" Oil and Oil Stick on birch panel 


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