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Drawing from memory

On 300 GSM Cotton paper, a few layers of gesso (artist's primer) is applied to this hand made cotton fiber with watermark paper. The sheets are hand torn to size, leaving a delightfully rough edge, and painted with artist's quality oil paint and oil bar or oil paint sticks.


There is truly something special about a Studio Study or painting on paper; they have a fresh, loose, painterly quality to them. The mark making is expressive and the colours are vibrant.

This series is inspired from childhood memories of growing up in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. The nostalgia of the sweet smell  of sage fresh smell of the lakes, the rolling mountains, vineyards, and orchards. The summer storms and dramatic sky's energize the landscape and they are exciting to capture in paintings.

Over the hill and thru the vines

Rolling hills, weather warn mountain sides, blooming vines swaying in the breeze and the glistening lake in the distance is the view of my childhood,  and now take in and enjoy the vista from a wineries patio.

Over the Hill and Thru the Vines drawing.JPG
Oil on Paper 24" x 18" Framed     $650.00 CDN

Steam Trestle in the Garden

Inspired by family picknicks in the garden on warm summer days, while enjoying the pine tree's swaying in the breeze. Several times a day the historic steam train shuttles down the tracks and across the valley's bridge. The Summerland research garden is in full bloom and the fragrance perfumes the fresh air. 

Oil on Paper 24" x 18" Framed    $650.00 CDN

Lambs ears in the vineyard

Only in organic vineyards do plants thrive amongst the grape-growing vines. The smell of the sage growing on the hills surrounding the refreshing breeze blowing off the lake.

Lambs Ears in the Vineyard drawing.JPG
Oil on Paper 24" x 18" Framed    $650.00 CDN

Stormy Skies over the KVR

Summer Storms are exciting and electric in the Okanagan Valley, the heat of the summer collides with cool air fronts to create swirling and dark cloud formations, lighting strikes, and down pours. This photo was taken before a torrential downpour that caused severe overland flooding. The KVR is the decommissioned Kettle Valley Railway that is now a popular hiking, biking, and horse trail.

Oil on Paper 24" x 18" Framed     $650.00 CDN
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